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List of Equipment for Hire

60bbl Vacuum Tank Trucks

Tractor with Transports

Winch Trucks

Tractor with 3 Axle Lowboy, Gravel Train, Lead and Pup, Tail Roll Float,

Blade/Dump Trucks

Sand trucks with front plow

Dozer with winch(CAT D5C)

Dozer (Komatsu D65EX-12) with winch

Dozer(CAT D6D) with winch

Backhoe with Bucket/Forks

Loader with Bucket/Forks

Excavator (Hitachi EX200-3)

FracTank Rental

165bbl Half Tank Rental


4X4 Pick-ups with Snowplows

One-ton pick-up with Sander

Kubota tractor/brush hog

Extra help can be hired as well as a supervisor